Organic bitter chocolate Coffee Bar 70% cacao

Organic bitter chocolate Coffee Bar 70% cacao


Embark on a sensory adventure with our 70% cacao coffee bar, where ethically sourced coffee beans are embraced by layers of luscious organic chocolate, creating a symphony of indulgence. Meticulously crafted, each mouthful presents a delightful fusion of robust flavors and conscientious origins, redefining snacking as a guilt-free delight that resonates with your taste buds and principles.


Roasted coffee beans dipped in chocolate is a combination that is appreciated mainly for its flavor. This blend offers a unique taste experience by uniting the robust flavor of coffee with the smooth and potent sweetness of chocolate. The sensory pleasure provided by this combination can be highly satisfying for coffee and chocolate lovers.

One of the benefits that can be associated with roasted coffee is its caffeine content, which can provide increased energy and mental alertness. This can be especially helpful at times when alertness is needed. Consequently, enjoying coffee with chocolate in moderation as an occasional treat is advisable, while maintaining a balanced diet to promote overall good health and being part of the sustainability of both the coffee and cocoa value chains.



  • Experience a harmonious symphony of flavors, textures, and essential nutrients within our 70% cacao coffee bar, where expertly light-roasted coffee beans are enveloped in a luscious bar of organic 70% chocolate. This delightful fusion creates an enriching snacking encounter that perfectly aligns with ethical sourcing and sustainable practices.
  • Energizing Boost: Delight in mindful indulgence as our chocolate-coated coffee beans offer a pleasing calorie count per serving, providing a delightful energy lift for your daily activities.
  • Nourishing balance: With a well-rounded nutrient profile that includes carbohydrates, this treat offers a balanced mix of essential elements for sustained vitality.
  • Fiber richness: Revel in the advantages of dietary fiber, promoting digestive health and contributing to a sense of fullness and satisfaction.
  • Powerful protein: Each serving contains protein to support muscle wellness, tissue repair, and overall physical well-being.
  • Vital Minerals: Explore the benefits of calcium, iron, and potassium, contributing to strong bones, efficient oxygen transport, and heart health enhancement.
  • Ingredients: Coffee, cacao liquor, organic sugar, cacao butter and cacao nibs.


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