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Supplying a better choice.

Our high-quality products are sourced from local and indigenous producers who wildcraft, cultivate, and sustainably harvest the best that the Andes and Amazon have to offer. We are dedicated to protecting their livelihoods, as well as upholding biodiversity, regenerative practices, and fair trade principles in these vital ecosystems.

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Changing the world can start with changing one ingredient.

Using our products can help protect and add value to our planet’s most important ecosystems.

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Fair Trade

Ever thought about the people behind your ingredients?
We do every day.

Each product we provide directly supports the local people and places throughout the Andes and Amazon that supply it.

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What They Are Saying

“Since 1998 The Body Shop has proudly partnered with Candela Peru to buy high quality Brazil Nut Oil through our pioneering purchasing programme, Community Fair Trade. Our trade has helped to empower smallholder producers and communities in the Peruvian Amazon forest to provide protection for over 8,000ha of forest.“

Virginia Sampaio | Senior Buyer | The Body Shop
on behalf of the community fair trade team
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