Conventional Buriti Oil

Conventional Buriti Oil



Our conventional Buriti Oil is carefully sourced from the vibrant Peruvian Amazon, where the wild-harvested fruit of the buriti tree flourishes. The iconic Mauritia Flexosa trees are a prevalent sight across Central Brazil and the Southern Amazon basin, with the remarkable benefits of Buriti Oil garnering recognition both within the Amazon and on the global stage.

Thriving within the peatlands, these Buriti trees play a crucial role in storing significant carbon reserves, essential for maintaining the carbon-rich forests of the region. Protecting these invaluable trees from being harvested for their fruit is a pivotal step in preserving the carbon-dense ecosystems. By equipping our small producers with climbing harnesses, we ensure the sustainable harvest of the buriti fruit, safeguarding the integrity of these essential forests.

  • Amazonian radiance: Conventional Buriti oil, sourced from the Peruvian Amazon, unveils your skin’s natural glow. Derived from wild-harvested buriti fruit, this oil brings centuries of beauty and wisdom to your routine.
  • Elixir for skin: The amber-hued Conventional Buriti Oil hydrates and nourishes. A versatile companion for various skin needs, it revives skin naturally.
  • Nature’s revival: Conventional Buriti Oil respects the Amazon’s beauty while revitalizing your skin. Ideal for dry, aging, and sensitive skin, it brings timeless radiance and well-being.
  • This oil is used as a powerful ingredient for cosmetic formulations of products, scrubs or others that promote body care. Our small presentations are your daily skin care partner.


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