Discover our Organic Sustainable Chocolate Couverture 70% Cacao”: Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled flavor with our meticulously crafted Organic Chocolate Couverture. Responsibly sourced and expertly balanced, this masterpiece combines a refined fusion of cacao beans, cacao butter, and just the right touch of sugar. Elevate your creations with the essence of premium cacao, where it can be the right ingredient to your c.

“Savor Sustainability and Taste in Harmony: Unveiling our Organic Chocolate Couverture 70% Cacao”: Delight in a symphony of taste and ethical sourcing with our Organic Chocolate Couverture. A meticulous blend of cacao beans (59%), cacao butter (11%), and a dash of sugar (30%) culminates in a sensory masterpiece. Crafted sustainably, this couverture encapsulates the essence of premium cacao while championing responsible practices. Elevate your culinary artistry while nurturing your values – where every creation is a celebration of flavor and conscious choice.

  • Energizing Delight: A single serving of our Organic Chocolate Couverture provides 604.42 kcal, offering a burst of energy to fuel your day and activities.
  • Balanced Nutritional Proficiency: With 43.78g of grease, 44.59g of carbohydrates, and 8.01g of protein, this couverture strikes a harmonious balance, contributing to satiety and overall nutrition.
  • Culinary Excellence with Mindful Sourcing: Crafted from sustainable sources, our couverture represents a conscious choice that supports both your well-being and ethical practices.
  • Vital Protein Infusion: Featuring 8.01g of protein, this couverture assists in muscle repair and growth, making it an indulgence that contributes to a balanced diet.
  • Natural Sweetness: The 28.84g of total sugars provide a touch of sweetness, enhancing the flavor profile while offering a moderate source of energy, all within the context of a well-rounded dietary approach.
  • Organic Chocolate Couverture 70% cacao Block 20KG
  • Organic Chocolate Couverture 70% cacao Waffer 20KG
  • Organic Chocolate Couverture 70% cacao Block 1KG
  • Organic Chocolate Couverture 70% cacao Waffer 1KG

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