Product Overview

Our Passion Fruit Seed Oil comes from the Andean superfruit you’ve come to love from juices and desserts. As demand for passion fruit juice has grown, so have the number of seeds as a byproduct.

Generally, these seeds are disposed of after being crushed, which results in operational costs and may result in environmental problems. In fact, fruit waste has become one of the main sources of municipal solid waste. Disposing of these seeds via landfills or incinerators can create methane, carbon dioxide, and the release of other pollutants. By cold-pressing passion fruit seeds, we can extract their highly antioxidant and moisturizing oil while curbing waste and the environmental issues that stem from it.

Passion Fruit Seed Oil is yellow in color and has a fruity scent that is exceptional for personal care products. While it has a light texture, it is exceptionally emollient and has amazing benefits for all skin and hair types. The cold-press process keeps bioactive constituents, especially phenolic compounds, intact for exceptional antioxidant content.

Features & Benefits
  • High in piceatannol to reduce photoageing
  • Contains linoleic acid for enhanced moisture
  • Rich in lycopene and vitamin C for skin elasticity and anti-aging
  • Improves hair health and prevents hair loss
  • Encourages healing of dry or irritated skin
  • Reduces the appearance of acne
Used In
  •  Facial care
  • Body butters and lotions
  • Lip care
  • Hair conditioners to enhance smoothness and volume
  • Dandruff shampoos
  • Haircare and scalp treatments
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High Vitamin C content, like what can be found in our Passion Fruit Seed Oil, is something that continues to trend with consumers looking for effective anti-aging solutions.

Vitamin C can help neutralize free radical damage to the skin’s surface.

Many consumers see the use of Vitamin C as an integral part of their daily skincare routine.

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