Product Overview

Our Murumuru Butter comes from places like the Santa Teresita native community in the Ucayali region of Peru. Previously, no one bought or sold murumuru fruit in Peru. Because of our product, we can finally use the wild murumuru fruits that are sustainably collected from the ground and turn them into a new source of income for these forest communities.
Candela is partnering with this community to secure the title to their land from Peru’s government—an extensive and expensive process that is essential to conserving their forest and livelihood.
Murumuru butter can range in color from white to beige, and carries a nutty scent. Similar to coconut oil, but with a higher melting point, it can be used in a vast number of wonderful products for the whole body. Murumuru butter’s fatty acid profi le makes it an excellent moisturizer. It is also anti-bacterial and reduces irritation, giving products that incorporate it a healing component.

Features & Benefits
  • High in moisturizing lauric and myristic acid
  • High concentration of oleic acid
  • Promotes healing by reducing irritation and bacteria
  • Rich in Vitamin A to slow aging and combat acne
Used In
  • Moisturizing and curly shampoos, conditioners, and pomades
  • Hair repair treatments
  • Nourishing soaps and lip balms
  • Healing skincare treatments
  • Anti-aging products
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