Indulge in a transformative voyage with our eco-friendly Deodorized Cacao Butter: Crafted through precise expeller extraction from roasted Theobroma cacao seeds. Witness the evolution of this pale gold gem from its liquid state to a crystalline masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the cacao essence that enriches your beauty ritual, enveloping you in its organic charm and revealing a spectrum of cosmetic magnificence. Discover the essence of cacao’s rejuvenating power and elevate your skincare routine.

  • Naturally Radiant: Enrich your skin with deodorized cacao butter, derived from roasted Theobroma cacao seeds for a youthful, natural glow.
  • Nourishing Elegance: Elevate your beauty routine with sustainably sourced cacao butter, delivering essential nutrients for a revitalized complexion.
  • Luxurious Moisture: Enjoy cacao butter’s crystallized form that locks in moisture, shielding skin from stressors and leaving it supple.
  • Silky Sensation: Experience the velvety touch as cacao butter melts into your skin, providing a smooth, irresistible texture.
  • Timeless Beauty: Embrace cacao’s age-old secrets, seamlessly blending with modern sustainability for exceptional cosmetic excellence.
  • Organic Cacao Butter deodorized 20KG
  • Organic Cacao Butter deodorized 3.5 KG

Also available in retail presentation

  • Cacao butter 7gr box 12 units
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