Discover the power of non-organic Murumuru Butter as a revitalizing addition to your beauty routine. Crafted from pure fruit seeds and expertly processed for raw, unrefined goodness, this transformative elixir holds the potential to enhance your skin’s radiance and allure.

Conventional Murumuru Butter’s Charm: Immerse yourself in the world of cosmetic brilliance with non-organic Murumuru Butter. Extracted meticulously and derived from pure fruit seeds, this unrefined treasure promises to elevate your skincare regimen, offering a chance to experience the enriching benefits and allure of Muru Muru for your beauty journey.

  • Revitalize Naturally: Unleash non-organic Murumuru Butter’s potential for radiant skin.
  • Cosmetic Brilliance: Discover the enchanting effects of non-organic Murumuru Butter.
  • Naturally Revive: Elevate your beauty routine with non-organic Murumuru Butter.
  • Cosmetic Elixir Explored: Experience the allure of non-organic Murumuru Butter.
  • Radiant Transformation: Murumuru’s Natural Beauty: Embrace non-organic Murumuru Butter for radiant allure.
  • Conventional Murumuru butter 20kg
  • Conventional Murumuru butter 3.5kg
  • Conventional Murumuru butter 1kg
  • Conventional Murumuru butter 1lb

Also available in retail presentation

  • Murumuru butter 7gr box 12 units
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