Dive into the realm of natural skincare as you explore our responsibly sourced Copoazu Butter. Extracted from pristine fruit seeds, this luxurious butter invites you to rejuvenate and elevate your beauty regimen, presenting a plethora of cosmetic advantages for luminous and invigorated skin.

Elevate your beauty ritual with the embodiment of responsibly sourced Copoazu Butter. Formulated from unadulterated fruit seeds, this extraordinary butter ushers you into a world where skincare meets nature’s grace.

  • Revitalize Your Radiance: Transform with Copoazu Butter. From pure fruit seeds, this elixir enhances skin’s radiance.
  • Nourish and Renew: Nature’s secret, Copoazu Butter. Pure seeds bring renewal and nourishment.
  • Radiant Transformation: Elevate skincare, embrace Copoazu Butter’s glow. Pure essence for revitalized beauty.
  • Cosmetic Brilliance Unveiled: Explore Copoazu allure. Careful extraction reveals luminous, brilliant skin.
  • Nature’s Touch of Beauty: Immerse in natural skincare. Copoazu Butter enriches, revitalizes for radiant allure.
  • Organic Copuacu butter 7gr box 12 units

Also available in bulk presentation


  • Conventional Copuacu butter 20 kg
  • Conventional Copuacu butter 3.5 kg
  • Conventional Copuacu butter 1kg
  • Conventional Copuacu butter 1 lb
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