Immerse yourself in the invigorating properties of CANDELA coffee, a natural source of increased dopamine levels and enriched with antioxidants. Embrace the energizing effects of its caffeine content, which stimulates adrenaline levels and offers a revitalizing boost. Beyond its exquisite taste, this coffee also holds the potential to contribute to a reduced risk of various diseases, including diabetes, cirrhosis, and depression. Discover a holistic coffee experience that combines tradition, flavor, and health benefits in every sip.

  • Organic excellence: Experience the distinctive CANDELA coffee, cultivated using traditional and organic methods at Finca Aguilar – Macías, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavor and sustainability.
  • Flavorful profile: Indulge in a medium-high bodied coffee with delightful tasting notes of lemon verbena and a hint of apple, offering a refreshing and unique sensory experience.
  • Healthful delights: Elevate your well-being with CANDELA coffee, known for its potential to increase dopamine levels and provide a rich source of antioxidants, promoting overall health.
  • Natural energy boost: Benefit from a natural adrenaline surge from the caffeine content in this coffee, invigorating your senses and enhancing alertness and focus.
  • Disease defense: Embrace a reduced risk of certain ailments such as diabetes, cirrhosis, and depression, making CANDELA coffee a flavorful ally in your journey to wellness.
  • Conventional Grounded Toasted Coffee Finca Aguilar – Macias  250 gr box 4 units

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