Sustainability. Biodiversity. Fair trade.

These aren’t buzzwords, they’re our beliefs.

Our history is steeped in a deep commitment to biodiversity, regenerative practices, and fair trade principles. Every bit of the butters and oils we make come from local and indigenous producers. By supporting these small suppliers that wildcraft, cultivate, and sustainably harvest the best that the Andes and Amazon have to offer, we are able to enhance and empower the communities they come from. We do this by putting 100% of our surplus back into the environment and the lives of the people who protect it.

Working together to create products that can better the planet.

Together, we can go beyond trendy industry buzzwords to make a better world a reality. We don’t just deliver the most high-quality, high-demand ingredients in sustainable beauty. We raise the bar on what beauty can do. What goes into your products can conserve the environment. It can bolster livelihoods. It can create a positive impact on the world at large, while also having that same impact on your customers.

Our practices make it clean and our impact makes it beautiful. That’s what clean beauty is to Candela.

Our Foundation

Creating high-quality products that work to conserve and restore the rainforest and local communities.

  1. Ethical and socially responsible supply chain

    We are committed to the capabilities and possibilities of the small producer, and we invest in initiatives that support their success and growth.

  2. Standing in support of biodiversity and regenerative practices

    We work to protect the future of our natural ecosystems by prioritizing sustainable use, conservation of biodiversity, regeneration, and our planet’s health at every step of our process, from harvest to manufacturing.

  3. Our profits go toward progress

    We have developed a business model where we can reinvest 100% of our surplus back into the land and communities where our products come from.

  4. Clean products you can count on

    We provide clean beauty products from the best nature has to offer. Our high-quality ingredients are organic, natural, and provide proven benefits.

  5. Together we can build a healthy world

    We help companies fill their own environmental and social responsibility mission through exceptional products with a light footprint that give value to the rainforest through sustainable sourcing.

Our approach to clean beauty is rooted in the rainforest.

Loreto Buriti Oil
Ucayali Murumuru Butter
madre De Dios Brazil Nut Oil
Cupuacu Butter
Lambayeque Passion Fruit Seed Oil